Stock Vs. Original

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  • Stock

    Points: 9 81.8%
  • Original

    Points: 2 18.2%

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competitively the original is better as rockets firing from the middle is equal to all players but stock only favours one side, especially when spamming past corners

that being said it's all preference depending on the situation, but sticking with one is recommended than switching back and forth


The stock has some weird mechanics about how the rocket trajectories moves. At a certain distance, the rocket travels so it reaches that spot, then goes left and passed the crosshairs. However, if you point at an object close to you, the rocket just travels straight, always to the right of the crosshairs. I don’t have a video link so sorry.

But anyways, this slight change or unreliability may not seem like much, but hitting airshots usually means the enemy is strafing, so you want your rocket aim to be the most consistent as possible. The original shoots straight, but stock does some janky shit.

Other than that, there’s no big advantage or disadvantage to using stock or original. Each has their benefits.


birds are cool :)
i have this strange bug where i can see the soldier's fingers on the side, and i hate it. but original sounds nice.