PUGs 2/19/23



What is PUGs?

PUGs are pick-up games in Overwatch 2, with two captains, 5v5 teams, and a whole lotta fun. We will be switching up teams after each game. Pull up and show off your skills. We'll make sure it's balanced for even the newest player to have some fun and time to shine! Bring your friends and bring your all!
How do I attend?
The event will take place in the Edgegamers Overwatch discord found here: EGO Overwatch 2 Discord. In Discord, we have a dedicated channel for events.

Event times
Sunday February 17th at 2:00
PST: 11:00 am | MDT 12:00 pm | CST: 1:00 pm | EST: 2:00 PM