Build Contest Theme #6 sign ups - Best Pathway/Road


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Build Contest Theme #6 - Best Pathway/Road
Your amazing judges for these builds will be Tea, Jamboree_Lee, SoupyJr and GrumpyCatJen!
To sign up -> PM Tea or Jam your in-game name and coordinates to your build for that week's theme.
If you’re a part of a team, only one member sends their name, their team members and coordinates.

Signups for Theme 6 start now till the February 21th.
You have till the March 3rd to build.
Winners will be announced March 6th.

Prizes for Theme #6
1st Place - $15,000* & Gold Blocks x128 + 48 Vote Keys
2nd Place - $10,000* & Gold Blocks x64 + 32 Vote Keys
3rd Place - $5,000* & Gold Blocks x32
+ 16 Vote Keys
(Prizes may also include extra goodies related to the theme)
*Money is in Minecraft dollars, not actual currency

Winners of Theme #5
1st Place @Fullmetal