Hogwarts Legacy


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Haven't heard much from people in EdgeGamers, but have y'all been playing Hogwarts Legacy? If so did you like it? If not... y?

Personally I just finished the storyline and have to say I am quite impressed. I'm not normally the one to be sucked into the world of a RPG easily, and I think Portkey Games / Avalanche met the hype that had built up.


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Putting my opinions of JKR and what she does with the royalties aside...

Being a Hogwarts fan since a kid I was extremely excited for this game, however the game failed to deliver on the hype for me. Even being given a great setting doesn't help that the actual narrative made for the game is bone dry and very predictable. The characters don't really fit with Rowling's style either. HP characters typically had some kind of nuance or flaw. The character writing in this game tends to fall into "overly nice to the point of saccharine", "comically flamboyant" or occasionally "rude bordering on aggressive"

Other than the writing the actual gameplay just didn't hit for me either. It falls into AAA open-world trap of thinking hundreds of pointless collectibles is "content". The game also uses gear randomization and tiers but not the various stats that go along with them that encourage meaningful choice, so gearing is just a rote bigger number treadmill. However both of these pale in comparison to what gave me the greatest disappointment. The game is full of puzzles but none of which challenge you long enough to feel satisfying or like anything other than a roadbump which is a glaring missed opportunity for a franchise about secrets and each book's "mystery", so the speedbumps just end up annoying you.

I really wanted to like this game. I've always liked the world building that JKR has done, I mean to this very day people still know what the hogwarts houses are and what house they'd be in. It just sadly didn't hold up to my expectations on any front.


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I'm overall on the fence with the game.

Combat is fairly fun and at times can give a bit of a challenge, so I like that. The massive world is great, love that most doors open, flying works well, etc. They nailed the world and design well.

Puzzles I'm definitely a bit meh about. Too many overall and lack of good rewards leaves a lot to be desired. Some are a bit mundane.

I'm sorta "meh" overall on the story. The initial hook was good but it hasn't left me running to race through to find more out. I do appreciate that they didn't try to make it "Harry Potter" and just took the world and set it in another timeline.

Overall I think it's a decent game and it's fantastic they finally brought this world to some life. It just leaves a bit to be desired at times.


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I liked it overall. I think it played like the old Fable games. So for me, I would say 9.5/10. Oh, and I wasn't a Potter fan before the game. Now... kinda. But Alan Rickman was the man in the movies, 100%.


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only just saw this thread, I bought the game and its not bad, I really enjoyed it as first but as I progressed I got pretty bored.

The wand combat is pretty good and unique, but it gets boring. However the main thing that puts me off is the voice acting and character customisation, my characters voice annoys me and after spending a good hour customising my character, I couldn't get him the way I want to.

I'm still yet to complete the game after 26 hours of playing.

I do still enjoy the game, I just really have to be in the right mood to play it, especially when I'm also playing through Fallout 4 atm, which is a lot more fun imo.


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I’d certainly say I’m struggling to find motivation to complete the game as well.