TF2 Group Meeting!


TF2 Group Meeting

Well, It's been a minute since we've had the opportunity to let you know what's going on within Team Fortress 2. It's been a busy time for us all, since the last Community Meeting, and since then we have had a decent bit of goings-on. Come join us, as we let you in on what's in store for Team Fortress 2, and recognize those who help make it possible! Immediately following the meeting, we will be having Karaoke Night, a well-adored event by all.

Come and see what we've been up to as we recap and lay out the path forward!

This meeting is hosted by the Team Fortress 2 Leadership team, and will be held in the Community Auditorium, The meeting will be Friday, March 10th (3/10) @ 8pm EST/7pm CST

Join us on Discord!
Hope to see you all there!

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