Thank you, webby & heidi ❤


Thank you, webby & heidi ❤

Within EdgeGamers there have been individuals over the years who have come and gone, but left an imprint on this community that lives on long past their departure. Today we would like to highlight 2 individuals who will have done this, and much more; not only with our Media Team but our organization as a whole.

@webby & heidi heidi will be the individuals that we will be highlighting today as they have decided to step down from their positions. This isn't a moment of sadness, but rather a moment of celebration for what these 2 did for eGO and its future.

These individuals accomplished the daunting task of reconstructing a Media Team and putting out consistent and quality content for EdgeGamers in many mediums. They managed, led, and most importantly helped wherever needed. From the start, webby & heidi were a force to be reckoned with by raising the bar on anything they touched in Media.

His journey started within eGO in 2019. Having first joined our Member Services team, webby would find himself wanting to contribute more. He would eventually join the writing team within Media and shine therein. webby, being the soft-spoken individual he is, loved to help where needed. After he found his stride in writing, he was examined to be a wonderful leader in the sense of improving those around him, and giving insight where needed. This is why he moved up the ladder of leadership and would find himself at the top of his team; Community Manager. With a selfless, kind, encouraging demeanor, webby had a clear and strong vision of the need for the re-organization of the Media Team. Thus, he created an environment that would uplift talent, develop leaders, and reward effort, production, and commitment. His passion and guidance created a more vital Media Team that our community will continue to benefit from. We thank you webby for the impact you have had and will continue to have long into the future.

Her journey started within eGO back in 2018. She was immediately seen as someone who would do great things in our organization. Joining the Media Team she worked on many fronts, but graphic art is where she found her comfort. Having time and time again put out masterful pieces of art that could take your breath away, heidi had found her stride. Not only was she a wonderful artist, but she was also a wonderful and driven leader who eventually worked her way up to Community Manager, overseeing Media in tandem with webby. With a nurturing hand, she encouraged creative growth and opportunity to all media members by helping people learn and raising the bar on the quality of Media Team production that will live on long past her time in EdgeGamers. heidi established herself as the creative soul of the community whose images have become the very brand of eGO. In so, we thank you heidi for your contributions and the time you spent as a Leadership member.

Once again, thank you webby & heidi for your time within EdgeGamers as leaders and for all you have contributed. It will not be forgotten and long appreciated.

Best wishes from eGO.

Writing: @TehRaddish Immaculate Immaculate | Video: aln aln | Art: Ric Ric | Editor: Lucas15 Lucas15

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damn thanks heidi and webby sad to see you 2 go, but the years man

i remember back when heidi was only an E an actually a non member thats a long time ago the way she have grown through the community and the dedication is wild, even after joining media, she contributed in doing signatures for people if they messeaged her on discord from her long time thread..... but its an end of an era and i hope you will continue doing good things and your dedication throughout where you will be headed off to know, hope we see you on our servers still :)

have a good one Heidi.

i do know webby just not alot but what i have heard and seeing you have been doing good stuff aswell farewell matey

~BeastTheNinja :)
it was great working with you two. Knowing what you two have built within Media, and getting to work along side with you two, my stay in Media felt welcoming once I joined, and will continue to do so in the next following who knows.. Months, Years. But you two are names I will never forget, and continue to share on to the history books.

Please do take care in your future ventures and I wish you both happiness and positivity all around. Stay safe you two and once again goodluck.

heidi heidi ur shtinky
~ yours truly aln.
Omgg, thank you guys <3 aln aln great video, Ric Ric adorable art, was not expecting all this!

The Media team is such a joy, and I'll always look back on my experience with it fondly. Running the team is a simple task when I had such an amazing team, Immaculate Immaculate Moto Moto Moto Moto @aspen @webby . Even the amazing leaders I promoted before, Jynx Jynx @Sloths @leto @OogaBooga @DeerFat (probably forgetting someone lol) who also helped make Media what it is today. And I know aln aln will be an amazing addition, and help further the goals Media has created.

There is nothing more I cherish here in eGO more than the Media Team members and the amazing friends I have made here. I'll still be around, just not in the position I was in once before. It was an amazing ride, but everything comes to an end eventually.

Huge shout out to @webby for always being my biggest supporter, and for always appreciating all the work I have done here over the years.

Keep up all the good work in Media, can't wait to see what you guys continue to produce!

I like the part in the video where i go, "WEEEEEEEEEEW" LOLLL
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Two greats, but I respect the decisions. Both have done great amounts of work for the community and their impacts will affect eGO throughout the future. Miss you both <3 Take care
Can I be the new CM for Media? I'll run it right I swear :)

Media team wouldn't be what it is today without the two of you, mostly heidi, but I guess webby too (im joking i swear). Thank you both for all the time and dedication you've put into the community. Wishing you both the best going forward <3
I don't think many realize how far these two have come and the work they put in to be in these positions. Hell, I'm fairly sure I banned @webby at one point in time. But he came so so far and has done so much and worked incredibly hard. Huge respect. Good dude.

heidi heidi is OG and stuck it out through the chaotic times of the merge and came out on top as a great individual and leader. Cool cat from day one.

Welcome to the retired club.
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heidi heidi @webby

Love you guys. Having made this decision just a few months ago I know it wasn't an easy one. Take some time for yourselves, focus on your passions and hobbies outside of gaming. At the same time, keep in touch with the friends you've made along the way.

Best of luck to you both.
~Jynx <3
heidi heidi @webby

Thank you guys so much for the immense amount of work you've provided. It's sad to see you two leave but I'm excited for your future. You guys are going to continue to achieve greatness. Please don't disappear and hop in from time to time. ♥