Tech February Newsletter

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Tech February Newsletter

Tech Team Promotions & Recruits:

New Tech Team Crew Members:

@twist - Twist has been onboarded into the Tech Team and will be helping out with source issues, as well as discord development.
@PixeL - Formerly known as different, PixeL has been brought on to help with source, web, and discord development.

Tech Team Promotions:

@twist has been field promoted to =(eG)= due to their continued effort within Tech Team.


@PixeL was promoted by Tech to =(eGO)= and then CS felt left out and promoted him to Advisor.

Tech Team Awards:
In an effort to recognize all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, that the community may not be able to realize, Tech Leadership would like to give out the following awards to our members, and those who interact with the Tech Team on a daily basis.



@twist - Awarded due to his consistent help within Tech Team.
@Bluelava101 - Awarded due to their impressive art for the Tech Newsletters.


Tech Help Guru:

@3dsam1 - Awarded in reflection to his technical skills, especially in regard to Discord development.
@Mooshua - Awarded for his continued expertise in nearly all realms of technology.
@twist - Awarded for his knowledge in source pawn and other areas of tech.
@Luna - Awarded for her knowledge in (legal of course) tech.
@Architect of Life - Awarded in response to his insight into various areas of tech.
@heidi - Awarded in response to helping update the Dedicated Supporter perks throughout the website.


White Hat:

@Mooshua - Awarded for his continued expertise in Tech Team.

January - February Recap:
Below you will find a recap of what Tech has accomplished in the time since the last newsletter.

Altered the Admin Training Request process to utilize a form rather than a template that was rarely used correctly. Shoutout to @Mooshua for the idea.

Revamped the Tech Team application form to match the values, policies, and technologies that we currently use. Please check it out here.

Updated the Donate page to better reflect the current perks of becoming a Dedicated Supporter. Shoutout to @MSWS and @heidi

Started work on a new way of handling dedicated supporters, so look forward to the implementation of a few different highly sought-after suggestions.

Started migration process of important forum threads containing rules, policies, and guides, over to the new documentation platform.

Developed GTA's player bot, to keep an updated embed and voice channel of active players, as well as provide basic player-info support through slash-commands. Additionally provides any linked MAUL accounts (if opted for) for ease of use.

@PixeL enhanced an open-source SurfTimer stats Discord bot with additional features, configurations, and a wide array of improvements toward statistics commands. Server Record announcements now enable you to remotely congratulate the surfer for the record.

Started work on an EdgeGamers' proprietary Twitch Discord bot, which will alert the various supported discord servers of when our Stream Team members go live.

Created a tool for automatically checking SourceMod game data configurations against CS:GO server files, using SourceMod’s internal “gdc” program. This will enable us to iterate and find issues faster, thus delivering fixes faster. These enhanced checks will be integrated into our existing CI/CD pipelines soon.

We've also continued work on several open-source SourceMod plugins that helps improve our backend infrastructure and development process. Shoutout to @Mooshua for taking lead on this.

Various map changes and additions, coupled with bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

ClearRP (GTA):
GTA has undergone a tremendous amount of development improvements over the last month. For a complete changelog, check their Discord. A quick recap of the biggest changes is as follows:

Vehicle keys overhaul
Boosting improvements (multi-player jobs)
Phone updates
New vehicles (including weekly votes on new vehicles to be implemented)
Dispensary added
New bank job and mechanic script

Three mechanic shops were added back (Paleto, Sandy, Popular St)
Various bug fixes and gameplay tweaks.

We've also deployed a splash page to further our online presence and establish our identity as a roleplaying server. Shoutout to @Mooshua for seeing this project through.

Continued work and development on the Events server, look forward to seeing the return of many sought-after events. Refer to this thread if you wish to see a specific event make a return.

Started work on allowing Bedrock players to join the server (still in early stages of development), but once implemented will allow phone, tablet, and console players to all join the survival server.

Team Fortress 2:
Working on various bug fixes and server improvements.

GitLab Statistics:
1,676 ↣ 1,763 (+87)
Groups: 169 ↣ 185 (+16)
Users: 289 ↣ 292 (+3)
Merge Requests: 10,244 ↣ 10,399 (+155)
Total Pipelines: 79,526 ↣ 81,111 (+1,585)

Looking Towards the Future:
Tech is always working on new features that will benefit our community, from new plugins, games, or platforms. Here are a few things you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Bedrock Version Support - Minecraft
Return of Minecraft Events - Minecraft
Mayoral Voting - ClearRP
New Game/Server Endeavors - ??? (SoonTM)
Twitch Bot - Discord
MAUL 3.0 - Web (Obligatory SoonTM)
Documentation Site Migration - Web
Improved Dedicated Supporter Experience - Web

Tech Applications:

We are always looking for new talent to join our Team! While we currently don't have the resource to train new tech members from the ground up, anyone with tech experience is welcome to apply! Apply to Tech here:

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Thanks to tech for keeping our loved and adored servers alive! We seriously appreciate the work you guys do. This community quite literally wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the work you all provide. ♥