Meet The Leadership - Ric

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Meet The Leadership - Ric

A man who honestly needs no introduction, @Ric has been a force to be reckoned with during his time in EdgeGamers. The lover of all things death metal has been around since before some of our members were even born. From his start as an e in Counter-Strike: Source to his rise to Community Manager, Ric has a lengthy résumé with the community. But there's one thing that he has never completed (aside from a mustoreo): appearing on Meet the Leadership.

Today, we change that. Learn more about the man who sits as a spectator on TTT more than he plays in the latest edition of our Meet the Leadership series!

Art: @december | Writing: @CheapjingJR @Lucas15 | Interviewer: @Beamer | Video: @JeanLucPicard

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@Ric Glad you're still around. I'm planning on trying out ClearRP as soon as I figure out the rules.
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Thanks for recruiting me into eGO back in the day and navigating me through the COPPA process (joined when I was 11 lol). Btw, I'm 21 now. Feel old yet? :)

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Idk who Ric is but he sounds an awesome and respectful guy and looking forward meeting him.

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