Community Management Update 3/12/2023 - CM Promotions & Battlefield


March proved to be a busy month for our EdgeGamers Community Management team. It's time we bring you up to speed on what has been going on behind the scenes. Between game changes and personnel changes, there has been a lot in development. Let me break it down.

Community Management Changes
As announced on March 1, @heidi & @webby both decided to depart from the Community Management team. We thank Webby for his near two years of service and Heidi for her near year of service as Community Managers. In their place, @Immaculate has been positioned to effectively lead the operations within Media as Senior Manager and will report directly to @FirezFury.

At this time, we will not be immediately replacing assumed vacant positions within the Community Management team. This begins an evolution in responsibilities for the community as direct empowerment, responsibility and accountability will be placed on the Senior Managers responsible for our games and projects. Community Managers will be promoted where direct insight is needed to see the community move forward. This turns from a previous state where Community Managers were reporting the day-to-day for various areas of responsibility they oversaw. This will move to Senior Managers being the drivers of day-to-day operations and key decision makers while Community Managers will work to propel the community forward taking on organization wide projects.

Two key areas of focus that we will be immediately filling Community Management positions for are Admin Development with @Luna and Counter-Strike with @Spare.

The consistency of our admin practices and maintaining high standards are a key pillar of operations this year for our community. It is imperative we maintain respectful and fun gaming environments across all games and communication platforms. @Luna has championed these efforts forward over the last year in both Manager and Senior Manager positions. We're excited to have @Luna on board to keep our Community Management team pointed towards these standards while continuing to work with our game teams across the community to ensure the proper enforcement from our admins.

With the size and scale of Counter-Strike significantly outpacing other games in the community, it's important to have an influential member on the Community Management team to keep our efforts in CS strong. @Spare has been tagged to continue to support the team within Counter-Strike but also impact the community at a greater level. Bringing insight from our largest playerbase enables us to make strong decisions moving forward on new or changing policy and potentially new games to support.

We're excited to have both @Luna and @Spare joining the team. Be sure to issue them a congratulatory message below.

A very difficult decision has been reached to end our support of the Battlefield series. Due to the evolving gaming space within Battlefield and the complete move away from community based servers, we've seen a decline in Battlefield over the last couple of years. While we continued to support Battlefield Bad Company 2, the playerbase within the game has rapidly dwindled with the release of Battlefield Portal within Battlefield 2042 allowing players to revisit maps and modes from previous iterations of Battlefield.

With the closure of Battlefield, our Leadership within the game will be departing from our Leadership team including @jtipton. from our Community Management team. Tipton has been on our Community Management team since 2019 serving through many installments of the Battlefield series. We sincerely appreciate all of the efforts he has put forward over the years dedicating significant time to not only Battlefield but towards the entire community. In addition to Tipton, we'd like to thank @Beemermarine and @killroylll for their time as Senior Manager & Manager as well.