CSGO Jailbreak The Formula of R (Rebelling) - by "aln"


heidi's Intern

Prof. "aln" who has a Jailbreak College Degree and Masters in Rebellious Activities,
he is here to show you the technique and formula to Rebel on "Jailbreak"


The following video talks about the Formula
R = JB(s) which R is equal to Rebel, and JB is equal to Jailbreak and the power of (s) is Secrets. the simplest summary I could give you is that the key to mastering this equation is to use SECRETS because secrets = Rebelling therefore you have solved the equation.


There are many ways to solve this equation depending on what Secret you do on certain maps,
whether it would be
jb_arcade or any map that includes secrets, this formula falls under that category.
And as long as you follow this formula, you are more than guaranteed to easily rebel and win!
(Although note that this is many of the other formula's to be used for Rebelling.. more to come such as
R = ST(R)


Now that you know this valuable information.. It's time for you to apply it on JB.

Goodluck rebelling and don't forget! the key to success in Rebelling is using (s)
(This is all satire and is
meant purely for entertainment purposes. or is it..)

School Math GIF by National Geographic Channel

(Real footage of aln working on the equation)
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Do you mean R/RStudio? I used that for my probability and statistics class...
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I am currently completing my graduates for engineering at JBU, my project is to engineer a more efficient form of [R]

Today, I present... The AWP!
AWP | Counter-Strike Wiki | Fandom

This marvelous piece of engineering and machinery can be found any where on the map. No need for long and time consuming set up for secret. Just grab the AWP and have a blast!
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secrets LITTOLLY mean power
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