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ok since I am gimped and I cannot play the game I figured I would make a post that I encourage everyone to participate in........

The question here is WHAT KIND OF CARS DO YOU ALL DRIVE?

Name the car and year and if you have a picture of your car or anything like that post that too

this is my car 2003 ford mustang

this is just a picture of a 2003 mustang I dont have a camera to take a pic of my 2003 mustang
i wish i could get a 2005 mustang gt....but i have a mazda rx8

< not my house
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS (black, aftermarket rims ect)... I'll get some pics sometime soon.
I drive a 2006 toyota corolla, not at all a sports car or anything but still fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. Im looking into buying a BMW in a police auction, my buddy got a nice one for about 5,000 last year. It was a '96 with only like 50,000 miles on it, forget the model though.
That's actually a 2004 Cobra. Haha. What engine is in yours?

I have a 2002 True Blue V6 Mustang. Did a little bit of work to it - true dual Flowmasters, K&N FIPK2 intake, Yoko tires, grille delete kit, and "3.8" fender badges. I also have a system in it. I'll post pics when I get home.
sorry wrong picture >.> I thought I pushed copy on this one


Wow puppets you have done a lot of work please post the pics asap and ill get mine soon

mine is no cobra its a 2003 GT V8, The other picture was a 2003 cobra not 2004 though wasnt it?

I have two cars, a 1976 Chevy El Camino, Its got a 350 and its pretty fast.

I also have a 1954 Chevy 3100 Pickup. Its pretty much stock except for the sound system i put in it. Its got a straight 6 235 enginge. it runs great and is i great condition. I will try to get pics soon...
me and my dad was looking at a Ford Fusion for me, my mom doesn't know this though lol
Looked like this one:
My car's pushing about 220 hp and ~280 ft/lbs tq. I stopped working on it since I got this:


I can go 0-60 in 3 seconds on that..... I could put a jet engine on the back of my 'stang and I wouldn't ever get close to that. Ha.
ill top all of you guys lol i have one of the best cars around lol check the pic and you will know what im talkiing about its back home in brazil but still tops all these fancy ones

2000 Buick Regal GS

3800 Series II Supercharged - 240 HP and 260-280 ft/lbs of torque (every spec sheet I read varies)

Currently I've only added a K&N High Flow air filter

In the next couple weeks I'll add the following:
Smaller charger pully - adds 30 hp $60
Highly modded engine computer- claims are 20-30 hp gains, dunno for sure $200

Future mods:
Intercooler - $2400
Modular Pully System - $220
Cold Air Intake - $240ish
Exhaust - $600 in parts +$300 for headers (this is by FAR the worst exhaust system I've ever seen. Like breathing through a straw)
Low Profile Ram Air Hood - dunno what that runs $400 maybe?

I'll be darned if I can figure out how to get a picture in here, if you're that interested you'll just have to google some pics.


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