Been while fellas. maybe too long ?


Heya Fellas... been too long not while :p

I used to Play CS:S, and DOD:S and Admin for Minecraft back then. noticing some of my old buddy retires, etc
that was 13 years since I joined Oct 2010. seen lotta changes around here.

reason why I have checked by cuz Im looking for new clan, the clan I was in not doing any clan battle in World of warship so I end up left clan and look for new clan so I though of this and see if this EGO still exits and it does ! so Im looking forward to join clan in World of warship in couple days :D hope it's active though.

been wondering what happen to IDK lobster, I survival London, YEEABOY, old buddy and other guys I hardly remember.

Im known as Maamorth and Moltike in CS:S and DOD:S

funny I still have my old EGO logo in my steam Icon, never changed.

Noticed I lost rank or it has been reset ?

anyway hope my old buddy still in here remembers me :D

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Hey Moltike, welcome back. Nice to see the old members return. "They always come back".

LONDON passed away in late 2018 after a battle with cancer. He is very much missed. We ended support for DoD:S in the latter half of 2019.

I believe Lobsters may lurk still. He stepped down from leadership some time in 2018 if memory serves me well still.

We reset ranks for inactive members several years ago and retrained all the active admins. Given it's been so long since you were last here, believe you'll need to start from scratch and re-apply as a member.

I think we dropped World of Warships as a supported game... I see online on a clan tracker that we have 6 active members on our clan there, but I don't think members were particularly forum-active overall either.

I am the bearer of mostly bad news, lol.

Anyways... welcome back again!

oh man, London resting in peace since 2018 .. dang. obviously I have been gone too long, and uh yeah London one who Recruited me in to EGO I believe. that why I have been playing with him alot back then. till I got insane overwhelming job that took alot of my free time. I never forget him, he always says after I get killed by him " you have been owned by old guy. " all the times.

dang Miss him already.

Lobster...still lurking around... I think I hope I can find him. been in Clan war with him in WOT.

yeah apparently rank reset, explains why my rank gone. but at least I still kept Ribbons. :D

I might able to help WOWS to get back on feet somehow. if higher rank allows it.

yeah another grind :/
Welcome back to the community bud! Glad to see you returning as an old member even if you don't know who I am.

If ya need anything, don't hesitate to add me or reach out to me on the forums, though i'm mainly on discord nowadays.

Here's my discord if you need anything at all: soupp#0001

I'm proud that you're coming back, we need more peeps like you im sure of it. Im sure you helped shape this community in your own and miscellaneous ways.