Announcement Congratulations to our newest team members!


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Community Manager

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of three individuals to the position of Manager. While two of these individuals have been working on our team for some time, we wanted to recognize their contributions and bring light to their new role. Each of these individuals has demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to our community, and we are confident that they will continue to make a positive impact in their new roles.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate @eXcOm_SoL on his promotion to Manager. Excom has been an integral part of our community for some time. Over the past year, Excom has continued to show his utmost support towards the community and has continuously helped GTA in many capacities. We are excited to see him take on this role and continue to make a positive impact on the server and in the community.

Next, we would like to congratulate @Tebo on his promotion to Manager. Tebo has been an active and engaged member of our community since he joined us earlier this year. His contributions to our police force and his leadership skills has helped bring unpredictable growth to our server. Over the past month, Tebo has also taken on the responsibility of tuning and adding new high quality vehicles to the server for the community to enjoy. We are confident that he will excel in this new role and will continue to make contributions to our community.

Finally, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Manager, @waff. She has been a member of GTA for a while and she’s excelled in various different roles during her time here. We are pleased to welcome her back to the team and we’re glad to have her expertise and skill set return to our roster. Her passion in the Emergency Services and on our specialty teams has been a huge asset to our server. We look forward to seeing waff’s ideas and initiatives come to fruition and further the success of our server!

Please join us in congratulating eXcOm_SoL, Tebo and waff on their well-deserved promotions. We are grateful for their contributions to our community and excited about what the future holds for them!

Thank you all for your ongoing support and dedication to our community.


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Senior Manager

I know you'll do great. Can't wait to see where you take the server. :)