Thank you, Dedicated Supporters!

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Thank you, Dedicated Supporters!

It's no secret that running a thriving gaming community like EdgeGamers isn't free. To help support the community financially we have a program known as Dedicated Supporter that allows members to donate as they choose. Their donations directly ensures eGO's ability to maintain each server for all to enjoy. As thanks for supporting us, we give special website and server perks exclusively to those who do. Whether you donate for the ability to vote kick or vote ban, an ad-free experience on the website, extra homes or other features in Minecraft, any number of unique cosmetics in CS, or a bevy of special items and privileges in Team Fortress, and Rust or just to support the community you care about -- your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Without our Dedicated Supporters EdgeGamers wouldn't be alive today. We acknowledge and say thanks to each of you for your continued support of eGO and our community of servers!

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@$wift is M0ney
@11b-ret firstblood
@AngelMango UnionGood <3
@Bravo Force
@Crazy Apple
@Daddy Succ
@Elder Pine Tree
@elite agent
@Fire Frenzy
@Jim Burger
@Joe Gitler
@Lil Doggo
@Logic Overflow
@One Cool Brotha $
@Parking Ticket
@Queen of Ice
@Rachel Wyatt
@Roy Rogers
@Rusho the Clown
@sky flakes
@That One Dino
@Vince ^_^
@Visual Basic 6.0

To learn more about our Dedicated Supporter program, visit this page. Thank you for considering supporting eGO!

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That One Dino

Without the supporters, Edge wouldn't be able to function like it does now. Servers cost money to run and maintain. If you are able to afford to spare a few buckerinos, feel free to. If you can't, don't worry about it, just keep doing what you're doing and try to get your friends to join in on the fun!


All you had to do was follow the D*** Train, CJ
Not thanking me, i see how it is lol (this was a joke, I don't care)
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