eGO+ The New EdgeGamers Paid Subscription


Introducing eGO+

We're excited to introduce eGO+ our newest EdgeGamers paid subscription. eGO+ will act as an additional service along side Dedicated Supporter. While Dedicated Supporter will continue to bring a plethora of exciting features to our game servers, forums and Discord, eGO+ will layer in new perks and premiums to individuals who subscribe at a higher rate. To truly recognize those who keep EdgeGamers operating with their high paid contributions we've upped our game as a community to deliver perks that have never been seen before. You'd be a fool not to subscribe.

eGO+ Perks

Priority Admin Promotions
Leadership will now review promotions by prioritizing eGO+ subscribers first. Due to their higher levels of monetary contributions it is important for us to push these individuals to the front of the line. Leaders will also be looking forward to the future rather than back at the past with our eGO+ subscribers as well. This means previous disciplinary actions, bans, or demotions will be forgiven and our eGO+ subscribers will be given the ultimate second chance at admin.

Immediate Unbans
Players who have made mistakes resulting in a server ban can now have that ban wiped away with their monetary contribution to the eGO+ subscription. MAUL will be recieving an update where upon subscribing to eGO+ any previous bans will be wiped away and instantly lifted. For those who receive a ban on a server while being actively subscribed will now face only a 5 minute cool-off period where they will be unable to access our servers. After the 5 minute cool-off period they will be permitted back on the server to happily game again.

Leadership Status
Holding the role of Leadership is significant responsibility and requires a high level of trust. The Board of Directors and the Community Management team have agreed that only our highest contributors can sincerely obtain the level of trust required to hold a leadership position. Moving forward, all Leaders will be required to subscribe to eGO+ including all future prospects. Those who are interested in taking on a Leadership rank will be required to subscribe to eGO+ or they will be passed over as a Leadership prospect. Current leadership will be given a grace period of 2 weeks to subscribe where any non-subscribers at the end of the 2 weeks will be demoted.

Express Game Support
Our eGO+ subscribers will have their games supported quicker! If you're proposing EdgeGamers support a new game, you can subscribe to eGO+ to have your request put in the express lane straight to supported game. We will partner you with a tech team member to setup the servers, forums, discords, and whatever is needed to support the game of your choosing. There will be a queue in place due to the expected demand of this perk so please bear with us as we work through the backlog to get to your request.

Subscribe to eGO+

eGO+ will be available starting on 4/8 (one week from today). An eGO+ subscription will run on an annual subscription basis for the price of $120. To subscribe, a new field will be added to the Account Upgrades ( page of your account.

If you have questions, feel free to message @Beta who will happily answer them for you.
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Oh my goodness! I love these changes! I’ve been looking for a way to get my plethora of banned friends to admin status since I joined and I think this will be my method!
I do have a question though, @Beta , for the admin promotion, you just need to have the subscription at the time of promotion but can cancel it afterward right?
This is the wisest decision you guys have ever made. I think y'all aint charging enough for it though.
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