Funny Moments Of The Month


Funny Moments Of The Month

What does gaming mean to you? Here at EdgeGamers, we believe gaming is a time and a place for fun, friends, and most importantly, laughter! To celebrate this aspect of the community, we have decided to start sharing some of the silliest, goofiest, and downright hilarious moments that happen every day on our servers. So join us in celebrating both the EdgeGamers community and these moments created by you, the players. So sit back, grab your popcorn, and get ready to delve into some sneak peeks of the EdgeGamers family with this month’s funniest moments!

Important: Official thread for submissions; SUBMIT CLIPS HERE It outlines how your clips can/will be used.

Writing: @CheapjingJR | Art: @heidi | Video: @aln | Editor: @Lucas15

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Queen of Ice

Active Member
Still waiting for Frags of The Month. But aside all that its a great video

(=e=) 7/4/21
tiktok content team 3/27/23

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