Edgegamer's April Chess Tournament


Edgegamer's April Chess Tournament

A pawn for a pawn, a bishop for a bishop, a knight for a knight. All for the hope to dethrone the King of the enemy.

EdgeGamers is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a Chess tournament this April 22nd and April 23rd.
That's right! A Chess tournament! A game of wits, strategy, but more importantly fun; where the goal of this timeless game is to use your pieces (each with their own ability) to corner your opponent and place them into a Checkmate. If you have never played chess before or would like a refresher, you can find how to play, tactics to refer, and

A brief history of Chess here
Chess 101

Everyone with the exception of those currently banned are invited but also encouraged to participate! Not only will this be a fun experience to those experienced or even new to Chess, but there is also prizes to be won! The prizes up for grabs are TBD

The Tournament will be organized and ran on Lichess.org, where no account is needed to participate, but most importantly it's free!
All that is needed to participate is to fill out this Sign up form so the brackets can be finalized.


Once again, this riveting Tournament will be held on
April 22nd, and April 23rd. Both days matches will be held in the Afternoon and evening, where final times will be posted once brackets have been finalized. We look forward to see our in house Magnus Carlsens, those new to chess, and everyone in between to come out and have fun!

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All you had to do was follow the D*** Train, CJ
I'd love to be there but my weekends are rough! Submitted the form, but probably can't commit time. Would love to still play but who knows.

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The first round timespan will be from 6pm EST onwards tonight. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Any last minute entries, please feel free to attend and we will find you a partner.