Meet The Leadership - Architect of Life


Meet The Leadership - Architect of Life

Before he was in EdgeGamers, Architect of Life was doing great things in Prestige Gaming. From his journey as a member learning the ropes to his first step into a leadership role, Architect would avidly work to make the community a better place. When pG merged with eGO, Architect naturally came over with everyone and continued his successful path. Despite Architect typically being an open book, many facts about him still lurk in the dark.

Let's leap into that darkness and learn more about the man who can speak seven languages in the latest edition of our Meet the Leadership series.

Art: @Ric | Writing: @Golden @Lucas15 | Interviewer: @Vikkturr | Video: @Spock

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Agent Smith

Agent of the System
Service Account
@b t This repetition is unnecessary and unproductive. Time should not be wasted with redundancies in a gaming community. Focus on the present and move forward, rather than dwelling on what has already been documented.