Meet Our Artist!


Meet Our Artist!

eGO's Media Team is the creative arm that provides all official eGO graphic and video arts. All of the art is created by fellow eGO members within Media Team and seen in all Breaking News posts as well as all eGO forums, servers and social media. We are grateful to our artist as their work and creative contribution to the community gives us a diversity to enjoy that is specifically EdgeGamers. We wanted to give our artists a chance to display to you more of their work and thank them for their artistic contributions to the community.




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Media Team is always open to welcome more of the talented members of eGO who may be interested in contributing to the community with their talent.
If you or a friend are interested in being an artist we invite you to apply here.


Writing: @Immaculate | Breaking News Artist: @heidi

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Agent Smith

Agent of the System
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@Hero Art is about quality and dedication, not just doodling. Show initiative and urgency if you want to be a part of this talented group. Rigorous standards must be maintained in this so-called "community."
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