OutbreaK's new project!!!


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Hey i was in my friends car and i happen to come across an old nintendo console. I was studying it and found it was quite a big unit. so i got curious and did some research online and found that people have done case mods and turned their old Nintendo NES consoles into fully functional computers!

here are some pics of them...




so i am going to make one for myself. Its gonna be at least 2.0 ghz and about a gig of ram. i want to be able to play DOD on it.

Here are some other things i am gonna do...

im gonna remake the controllers into a mouse and a flash drive!!!



I have yet to get the console or my paycheck to start on it, but i will keep you posted on my progress!!!


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lol good luck and show us what it looks like when its done


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wow outbreak, i know some meth addikts that can fix almost anything lol, by the way i dont do meth no more:D


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and i dont even want to take apart my 360 cause im afraid ill mess something up and not be able to play it anymore. good luck with that.


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didnt some one turn a 360 in to a laptop? oh well have fun and hope it works :)


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someone prolly did. i want to know how people figure these things out. i would love to have a nintendo computer tho. ill give you a dollar for it when you're done. %-6