CS:GO Paris Major Watch Party!


CS:GO Paris Major Watch Party!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
has been a powerhouse and leading force in the esports industry for a decade. It has become the source and showcase of highly prestigious tournaments and dominant streaming events while attracting viewers and supporters by the millions from around the world.

Edgegamer's invites one and all to come and enjoy the highest level that professional competition has to offer at our watch party of the CS:GO Major Championship aka BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 via our own eGO Discord on May 18th - May 21st. This will undoubtedly be an emotional and unforgettable event for CS:GO fans and participants as they bid farewell during the game's biggest and final esports event as Valve prepares to move on to Counter-Strike: 2.

Don't miss this event as the tournament continues to feature intense gameplay, high-level strategies,
and stunning displays of skill, making for an exciting viewing experience.

eGO Discord: https://discord.gg/edgegamers

eGO Code of Conduct applies on Discord.

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