Announcement CSGO Jailbreak Rule Overhaul [NOT CLICKBAIT] [MFK ALLOWED NOW??!?!?!?!] [CLICK HERE FOR FREE ADMIN]


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These changes were done by: @Spare @Jayy @Jacko @Trinity @Daddy Succ @Crazy Apple @Zacc @santa @milo @Polar Bear @Parking Ticket
Special Consultants: @Semo @Custom Stats @DDZ ZioNeX @Larry_Da_Lobster @peoples

The CS Leadership and AT team have worked tirelessly on reformatting the JB rules. Here's what's different:
• Whole game section was reworded: Map Games, Non-Map Games, Optional Games, Luck-Based Games, Opinionated Games, and Illegal games now have their own sections.
• Bloodhound and ST definitions were added to the main rules.
• More chat commands added.
• General reformatting (All of the rules are more or less the same, just reworded/clarified)

A few minor rule changes/clarifications:
• Non-Map luck-based games can only be played after the second game of the day. (e.g. one marker lives)
• On the first game of the day, the game played must be an unmodified map game.

Jailbreak FAQ's: 1, 6, 11, 14, 26, 29, 31, 34, 35, and Kwejsi section were removed (due to the rule overhaul including them or they were just unneeded)

You can see all these changes in red in the Jail Break Server Rules and FAQ

We want to thank the CS Leadership and our Admin Trainers for helping with these changes in making Jailbreak easier to understand for everyone! Please reach out to the CS Leadership team if you have any questions!​


As a guard, you must NOT ...
  • shoot into stacks - instead take cover and get the warden to unstack them.
When losers get recalled from games, do we just let em go now?
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I would like to express my thanks to you, @Spare @Semo @Custom Stats @DDZ ZioNeX @peoples @santa @Belt My gratitude for your indisputably magnificent assistance is almost infinite. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I really like your contribution that you have in our society, you really make a difference and help others out, the world could always use more people like you. Gosh, what a polite and humble fellow. It is such a kind honour for someone as low as me to be in contact with someone of a level such as yours. I thank you once again my good friend. A world without you, would be a world I would not be able to live in, and I believe I share that opinion with most people. I can rest easy tonight knowing you helped. I appreciate you and everything you stand for and on behalf of everyone on planet earth, thanks.