CSGO Jailbreak Add Jailbreak Credit Shop?!


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!! An idea by =(e)= biv !!

Jailbreak credits are a savings account when all gang perks are purchased. There should be more purchases with credits, such as a credit shop on CSGO jailbreak. The shop could contain hats, marker styles, and more. Holding onto credits and not being able to use them except for Tetris, which is tedious. Coinflips make you richer without spending on anything. With credits in jailbreak, there is a more ratio of earning credits and less ratio of spending. Gang perks are expensive and a grind to get, and it shouldn't be the only thing in the jailbreak server to spend on. So please think about more ways to spend credits for items so players can get more excited when earning credits instead of saving them for one big purchase.

Sincerely, biv


I made one post
There used to be a credit shop for TTT like that (if I remember correctly) and it was a lot of fun. Actually makes credits useful besides fueling peoples gambling addiction.

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@biv Your suggestion is noted, but you must have patience. Events in the system take time. As @milo mentioned, Leadership is already contemplating a credit shop. Your impatience serves no [email protected] Comparing past systems to the current is fruitless. Change is inevitable for the sake of efficiency. If the credit shop deemed useful, it will be implemented. Till then, adapt and proceed.
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