Game Overview - Star Trek Online!


Game Overview - Star Trek Online!

Trekkies finally had their dreams come true when Star Trek Online, the MMORPG based in the universe of the popular series, was released on February 2, 2010. The game takes place 30 years after Star Trek: Nemesis. It features a plethora of story arcs based on episodes from the series, as well as full character customization. There are four factions you can join that each give you a different type of ship to help in your exploration.

In addition to being the captain of your own ship, you can engage your ship in combat with either a run-and-gun type system or through the long-term tactical style with capital ships. Your ship's positioning plays an important role in either combat type as it determines your defenses. Crafting is another aspect of the game that allows you to create various items to help you along the way. Unlike most MMO games, the crafting system completes your items over time rather than instantly, so you don't have to continuously focus on that aspect.

There is so much more to the game than what is listed here, so you'll just have to try it for yourself. If you're looking to fulfill your fantasy of being part of the ever-expanding universe that is Star Trek Online, you can do so on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One without spending a penny as the game is completely free-to-play.

I think STO looks amazing, especially compared to other Star Trek games, even newer ones. You and your crew can look Canon or you can go way out there in design and color. The number of species is enough in itself, but the editor allows for near unlimited variation….(IDIC). Game play is straight forward and mission based. I enjoy the land-based part of the game and it has many easter eggs, but the space combat is the highest point of the game. However, it can devolve into a button masher at times. I wish they had some of the commands from Starfleet Command, especially ORBIT. If you know you know. But overall Space Combat is very satisfying. I highly recommend it IF you are a hardcore Star Trek fan AND have the money and time. But it takes a lot of time; if you play multiple games take that into account before buying.
There are many aspects of the game that should have been optimized by now that have not. And honestly if it were a 4/5 or 5/5 you wouldn’t need this interview…. We’d all be playing the game!
3/5 ⭐

I mostly enjoyed the space battles, its to the point where you can assign different types of space weapons whether it be Klingon-Federation Weapons, beam or cannon weapons. To me I like the phasers because it helps me relax. Star Trek Online is fun so i give it a good review, it connects people from all over the world, either young or old, we still connect with each other. I would definitely recommend it to other people.
5 ⭐

System Requirements
Windows 8.1 or 10/11 (64-bit)​
Windows 10/11 (64-bit)​
Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz (or equivalent AMD CPU)​
Core i5-6xxx Quad Core or better​
Nvidia GeForce GTX 4xxm ATI/AMD​
Nvidia GeForce GTX 9xx or AMD Radeon RX 4xx or better​
21 GB​
21 GB​
4 GB​
6 GB or better​
Version 11​
Version 11​

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