Two Year Anniversary


What a diffrence a year or TWO makes! When EdgeGamers opened its doors on July 5th, 2006 it would only have one forum and one server, DoD Avalanche. Last year on this date we only had two servers, DoD Avlanche and Dod Donner. Bringing up servers back in those days was a big deal. Today, we bring up servers like it is a ho-hum affair.

This might be a good time to thank all of our donors and sponsors for making EdgeGamers possible. Four donors should be receiving their Saitek prizes this today or Monday. If you have received your prize, please PM JohnT so I can stop worrying about it.

This month, we are raffeling off a USD$1,800.00 from Velocity Micro! What Clan in all of history could even dream of doing something like this?

You can help by visiting Velocity Micro and checking out their sweet gaming rigs. They are awesome!

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There were too many changes in the last year to remember them all. We saved the Kustom Kettle then spun them off once they could stand on their own. Our servers dominated the top 10 in two games. But none of this was planned at our first anniversary.

TeamFortress 2 (TF2) only came out in November and we opened a second website. Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) came out and we started supporting it. We even opened up servers in the old favorite CounterStrike Source (CS:S).

This was a huge change. We originally started out EdgeGamers with the mantra of do one thing and do it really well. That one thing was DoD. Well for the last year we have averaged at least three servers in the top five and usually own the top three spots!

But as the rumors of the release of TF2 started becoming more believable, we decided we had to take a risk and try to get into something new. Our council members and advisors have really come on strong and has made us the premier clan in not only DoD but TF2 as well.
We are also stronger in CS:S and CoD4 than any of us would have ever imagined six months ago, much less a year ago. The leadership in these two divisions is outstanding and deserves our respect.

We brought our three websites back together into one. Switched CMS's from e-107 to Vbuliten.


NOW, that we have taken a look back in time.....what?s next? What will this year bring? Well, we do not know for sure where we will be. Left For Dead is coming out. But beyond that, we will be surprised as you are.


Well, except for one thing. We ordered and LayeredTech delivered a new box.

We have the box now and are prepping it for running some new servers. We wanted to have the servers open today. , We still might, but as usual when you do this as hobby things do not always go as planned. Kids, wives, work and mainly kids, and babies, and kids often make our best laid plans go awry.

Here are the spec?s and the price:

LTW-INTEL-HARPERTOWN-E5405-2.0-SP/QC @ $199.0 + setup: waived - apply 20% discount
Processor: Intel Xeon Single CPU Quad Core Harpertown E5405 2.0GHz w/6MB L2 cache Per Core Pair
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Primary Hard Drive: 500GB Hard Drive

Notice that we negotiated a 20% discount.

So we are bringing this quad-core in for just a little more than our old dual-cores. If it works out we will likely get another one, but we want to see how it runs before we order anymore.

Thanks for the greatest year any Online Gaming Community has ever seen!

Happy Birthday eGO!
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