Member Services Event Drive!

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Member Services Event Drive!

Hello everyone! Member services is officially hosting the first Annual Event Drive! The Event Drive is an effort to get more people to attend a variety of events by allowing individuals to compete with each other. Prizes will be given out for those who attend events the most!

General Information
The event begins on June 1st, and lasts all the way until August 31st!
All official eGO event counts!
There will randomly be 2x and 3x point events, which will only be announced at the middle of the event!
Events ran by the Global Events team will be worth 2 points for attendance.
There will be a bi-weekly update on points.

You must be in the event for a minimum of 30 minutes for your attendance to count.
You must be in the Discord Voice Channel for your attendance to count.
You must have a registered forum account.
Your discord nickname must be the same as your forum name.
If you change your forum name, or discord name, please let 3dsam#3179 know!
The MS EC team has the final say on any and all issues that may arise.

Prizes will be given out to the 3 people who have the highest attendance at the end. With first getting first pick out of the prize list, and then moving down the list.
1 month of Dedicated Supporter will be awarded to whoever attends the most events each month!
Anyone who attends a minimum of 6 events in a month, or 15 total, will receive the MS Event award!

Prize List
1 Month Gold Dedicated Supporter
2 Month Silver Dedicated Supporter
10$ Steam Gift Card
Various Steam Game Codes
More prizes may be announced closer to the end of the event drive!

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