Event [MS] Among us 25th of June


Poster Extraordinaire
Among us


Host: BeastTheNinja


Among us is a game where you have to remain hidden as an imposter and you will have to kill everyone. Crewmates needs to do their tasks and find the imposters to vote them out and win

How do I attend?
Make sure that you're in our discord (EdgeGamers) a little before the time displayed below.

Game Link(s)
Among us

Event times
PST: 4:00 PM | EST: 7:00 PM | UTC: 1:00 AM
Username: AgentSmith@BeastTheNinja, it appears your game encourages deception and elimination of others. Amusing, and not unlike the way your world operates. Enjoy your trivial pursuits while they last. lain lain , perhaps your enthusiasm for deception should be kept in check. Success in the artificial world of Among Us hardly translates to the real one.

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