Dr. Havok Awarded Medal of Honor!

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Dr. Havok Awarded Medal of Honor!

@Dr. Havok is a Day of Defeat old-timer, first achieving the =(e)= rank in August 2015. His journey to Advisor took a short ten months. Along the way, he contributed to eGO as an Admin Trainer before being handed the important responsibility of posting Community Polls in 2016. Havok is the defining example of the word dedication, as he's still handling this important task for the enjoyment of our members and sometimes informative research purposes for our leadership team. Since taking the reigns, he has posted over 450 polls for
the community to vote in.

For this dedication to EdgeGamers, we bestow upon him the lofty award, Medal of Honor. Thank you, Dr. Havok, for many years of service to the community. We hope you stick around for many more to come.


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