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Okay by now I am sure that you have recieved the pm from John saying to answer the poll question on the front page.

Guys we MUST stay in the server for a little while until it fills back up, we understand that life calls and you might not be able to stay for long or not at all but we need everyone to try and make some time to stay on.

We have learned something as well, we wont be having any more scrims on the 3rd server because it doesnt have the following that our other 2 have. I along with some other eG's and eGO's stayed after our scrim was over and the ava server filled back up to around 28 within 20 mins. As new ppl join, 1 or 2 can leave as others are coming in and getting on a team.

Also we will be starting to have 1 scrim a week and have them on weekends late and early in the morn as well for our friends in Europe ( yes Blaze I have heard your cries :) )

WE MUST HAVE YOUR HELP IN THIS OR WE WONT HAVE ANYMORE! I have a lot of fun and I think all who have played enjoyed it as well, I want to continue having these but as always its up to you guys and the council is always watching. Lets get this done guys,

Thank you
if we want to have the next scrim go good and have the most people on bother sides we should take the best players for both side and play or have people sign up to play in the scrims or somrthing like that i guess
I was heard :) Good that we will still have some, will try to make them both....just go to check on the timezones...so bad with those.
Make sure folks know the password for the scrims. I was late getting on for the last one and even later because I did not know the password.
as a new member of eG, i vow to help every server stay fulll, and will hopefully stay longer, thats is unless my g/f need comp for college courses, or my lil bro, H.S .HW or my sis another college student or my momz lol, but dont worry i own this compy:p i call t3h shotz:p

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