Back but gone but back


French Canadian but hates speaking french

Thought I would reintroduce myself. I mostly play on the JB server but tend to hop around different games :)

I had been on the server the past week and realized it's been a solid year and a half! Unfortunately, I had to sell the computer in 2021 in order to pay off some of my tuition which hindered which completely removed my ability to play. I was lucky enough to have won a bursary from my work and decided to do the only responsible thing you can do with the money.

So I'm back but I'll be away from the server as off to work in Europe for the next month but I will be back in August.

See you guys server side!

-Daniel :)
Hola Daniel/Squid !!! Willkommen Bach!? CYA Soon!?

Enjoy Europe! Which part and what will you be doing? My Son is is Valencia, Spain for School until Mid July.
He's been to Ibiza and Lisbon to see friends....I sure hope he's studying in between!

When you get back, if you're ANAL Retentive (and it seems like you are!), help us count to a million!

BUTT if you're into anime too! Then go here!!

Let's Goo!

Welcome back Daniel! Tuitions are too high and unfair. Mine was reasonable because we did not have to pay for the never ending tech and software upgrades that cost universities millions of dollars. Nothing is cheap anymore.