What's Your Favorite Weapon?

also a tip for sniper, the 4x scopes dont show the flash, so you stay hidden longer
also i like to suicide drone into the groups, I killed 5 at once yestreday
AK-15 for sure. I haven’t tried many others but I picked it up and haven’t put it down. Controllable recoil especially with attachments + high damage.
idk yet cause of only level 36, but If I had to shout out an easy beginner weapon, the UMP has little to no recoil after attachments.

Post is a bit old, I know. I've been vibing a lot with the Scorpion. It's recoil is insane at first (I have gripes about that because it doesn't have nearly that much recoil IRL, but hey, firerate go brrr). I've been rocking it as an engie and it's been pretty rewarding.