watch this video "educational"

wow. i turned it off after about 3 minutes. walt disney is messed up. reminds me of that part in family guy where he wakes up from his cryogenic freezing. wont go further, if you've seen it you know what im talking about.
i dunno... this just turns my stomach. Anyone who isn't disgusted by the nazi army should perish from the gene pool. And, as a Jew, I'm seriously offended by anything pro-nazi (not wehrmacht, that was something diff), regardless of the fact i'm not very observant. this crap just shows all the propaganda that flooded the minds of the weak German countryman after wwi and the versailles treaty. Anyways.... i'm opinionated.. don't mind me
that is a bit odd and werid.....then again they did force them to do that or the'll be killed