Important Announcement Counter-Strike Summer 2023 Community Meeting!


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Writing: Jacko Jacko Editing: Left Left @Trinity Spare Spare Art: @Thorium

CS Community Meeting
As most of you have heard, Our Lord Gaben is going to soon bless us with the biggest update
the Counter-Strike franchise has seen since the beginnings of CS:GO over 10 years ago!
CS leadership thought it would be a good time to host a community wide meeting to talk about Counter-Strike 2 and what our future holds.
We will also have time for a Q & A section so you can ask all those burning questions.
You do no want to miss out on this exclusive once in a lifetime meeting.

Thursday, July 6th @ 6 PM EST


Be there or be square :geek:
Hype for CS:2! Shout out to all our Specialist Teams who work tirelessly on map updates and ironing out bugs! Thank you to the CS:Leadership for providing such a great community for us! :love:
i heard you’re getting promoted to community manager at the meeting
if they promote you im applying again and if they dont then im gonna get banned for crimes against humanity