Minecraft is opening a new 1.20 server!

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Minecraft is opening a new 1.20 server!

Need a break from CS, TF2, GTA or whatever? Want to chill and build or shoot monsters instead?
Come on over to the NEW Minecraft 1.20 server and enjoy petals gently falling from cherry trees, battling zombies and creepers and much more!
We have a nice new spawn area that is clearly marked and everything is pre-loaded so there will be no lag, including the mineworld.

The server will be opening on July 7th at 8 PM EST.
We will also soon be having events. The event hub is built and some events are ready to go with more being set up, so keep tuned for them.

Those with Dedicated Supporter, check out your cool perks:

Colored Chat
DS Tag
Colored Nickname
/ptime - Change the time locally for yourself
/pweather - Change the weather locally for yourself
/hat - Wear any block as a hat
/craft - Portable crafting table
/ec - Portable ender chest
Colored Signs
Warp Signs
Extra Vote Rewards
More /homes (7/14/30/60)
More Shops (30/60/150/300)
More Player Warps (3/6/15/30)

( Silver ($5), Gold ($10), Platinum ($25), and Royal($50) )

Join the MC Discord: https://discord.gg/egominecraft
For more info on what all is available and commands you can use, go to: https://www.edgegamers.com/threads/383394/

Please support our Minecraft Server and let us know about any problems or anything that could be improved.

Art: @TricksterFPS | Writing: @DrkChocolate | Editing: @Lucas15

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