On Vacation In Punta Cana


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I am genuinely so embarrassed lol, I am on vacation in the Dominican Republic and we aren’t staying completely on a resort so we will go off and get some stuff we need from grocery stores/convenience stores. We had gone out for drinks and I was really craving a vape. So we go in and not one of the workers spoke English so I’m trying to figure everything out for my self. Behind the counter I thought I saw a vape, so I point to it and I’m like “is that a vape?” and I gesture like a weird sucking motion towards my mouth and the women says something, but I have truly no idea what she said. So I just grab it and put it down and everyone around is looking so weirdly at me. I tried reading the package but it gave no help. It truly did look like a vape. However it turned out to be a vibrator! And I only discovered this after trying to inhale it and it literally just vibrated my f***icing teeth! Also did i mention it was $40, so my nicotine addict self not only wasted money but didn’t even get the satisfaction of a head rush:) I will never recover from this!! Figured y’all could laugh at my misery.
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