2 more scrims next week for your killing pleasure!

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FIRST scrim will be Tuesday June 12th at 11pm eastern time

SECOND scrim will be Wednesday June 13th at 10pm eastern time

Okay we are going to mix it up a little this week....this time around it will be mixed units of eGO, eG, and e's taking on another group of the same. There will be space saved especially for you e's, the first 6 to join will be able to fight alongside their comrades in some tough fighting. The day of the FIRST scrim will be Tuesday June 12th at 11pm eastern time and go for one hour as always....unless there is a tie in which we will have to decide the winner in sudden death overtime in which it will be melee ONLY and once you die your out! First team to lose 10 men loses it all!

But it gets better...we recognize that being an e means you are the future of this great clan and if all 6 slots are filled with e's the whole hour we are going to have another scrim on Wednesday June 13th at 10pm and we are going to open up 10 slots for any e that wants to come play. I can say with a great deal of certainty that the e's who show up are going to be looked at by the rest of the clan in a good light.

Giovanni will be running the server and I will be playing also so that means not counting the e's slots we have 24 slots ready to be manned by eGO's finest warriors
and I am sure Slayr and Art will want some clobering time with you guys, I just hope that John will be able to make it to one of these and Tommy as well :)

The map has not been decided yet so why dont you guys all make some suggestions to us which map you want to play on.

We have a new lease on this so tell the council thank you for allowing us to put together some more of these little battles.

e's DO NOT LET ME DOWN! I want to see all those slots full on BOTH nights with your little behinds!

Oh and another thing....pride is forever!
finally, a scrim i can make it to. one question tho, if im in the server before the scrim will i be kicked as soon as it starts and have to come back in or will i be able to stay in? and i prefer donnor since thats the server im on most.

ditto with trying to make it. next week is finals, and i have to work (relatively) early in the morning on Wednesday, but i'll try and make it...and as for maps...kalt :D
I'd vote for ava...donner's good 2nd choice...now I just got to figure out what time that is in the morning for me.....since it's 7.30am when I go to work...and come back at 2.30pm or so(my time) so that might be too close to that...but if it's 6.00 to 7.00, I could make it...wake up usually at 6.30
Hmmm eastcoast vs westcoast thats a good idea! Dont worry about missing this scrim cause were having one the very next day. Plus we are going to start having one a week for the summer so hopefully everyone will get a chance to play.
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