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Senior Manager

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It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the promotion of a long time admin and supporter of our community.
Cascsiany has been with the community for well over 12 years. This not only shows unwavering dedication, it also shows the passion Casciany has towards our community.
Cascsiany's has been a role model within the Source community and will continue to be, as she helps out the community now in a much larger scale.
Cascsiany will be overlooking the Source community, making sure that all the standards of our community are being held up to standard and the servers continue to prosper.

Everyone please give a long overdue welcome to our newest CS Manager.​
Fantastic addition to the team and great to have a source regular in this position to help keep the long time dust2 in the good spot they are in. Congratulations @Cascsiany, absolutely deserved.