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Yesh you saw the thread title correctly! I have made a modpack for eGO MC for 1.20.0 It has mods that will help you on your journeys or your shaders! With this in mind and approval from one MC LE I hereby decree people can use this! But I will let you know now that they have viewed it to the current version of it so if you add more mods or something with rulebreaking mods i am not responsible.

Now worldedit is on this modpack BUT will only work at singleplayer, OptiFabric is required to be disabled until the creator updates it.

Lastly to use the modpack, use curseforge either you have it with overwolf or stand alone, I suggest stand-alone if you dont have overwolf, next once everything is done press minecraft then press Create Custom Profile and click IMPORT and select the profile then let it download and your all set, enjoy!

Click Me to download the modpack


If you want to you can add resourcepacks to make it look nicer but the ones I have searched for are the coolest.