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Hey gamers!

Making rounds to a place I called home for many years. Name is Corey but my gamertag is Stringman33. Most of my friends call me String. I come from the original days of edge gamers. I started when edge was a Day of Defeat only game and there were barely 100 gamers in the group! Played for close to 10 years, watching this group expands to 1000s and impact game all over! Life got crazy with family and kids, so I shut my gaming down. Glad to be back on the PC again, though not with the massive amount of gaming time I used to play with. Looking forward to meeting some of you and hanging out in games. Back in the day, I rolled heavy in DoD source as well as our Call of Duty platforms. Played a little in Battlefield as well. Looking to take a stab at the GTA 5 now, though I may jump in some of the other games. See you in the game or see you on discord!