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Forum Fiend
Our fantastic admin team helped me recover my original account! If you see me in game, don't be afraid to say hi. Love to get to know all these faces. If you find me in GTA 5 and plan to rob me, just know that you are depriving my girls from their future! Game on folks!
Welcome back into the mix! Glad we got your account stuff sorted. I also cannot promise I won't rob you. Hope to see you around sometime!
Welcome back String! Are you familiar with the amazing band called The String Cheese Incident?!

Anyway, if youre into CSGO, feel free to hop into our Jailbreak server. We roleplay as guards vs prisoners in a jail system. Guards take the prisoners around to various minigames around the map while prisoners try to escape, find guns, and kill the guards! See more here:

Hope to see you around :)
I may pop in over there. I have played CS since I was in like middle school (25 years ago lol). I just downloaded the OS version

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