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This is a simple script that automatically mutes players on jailbreak to your liking.
The script uses Telnet and the -netconport launch option to communicate with the CSGO console, making it completely safe to use.

- mute every player except for the warden and a whitelist of your choosing
- unmute every player only when warden dies and/or round ends
- keep a blacklist of players to always be muted, except for when they are warden

installation/how to use:
1. add -netconport 2121 to your csgo launch options
2. download and run this file
3. open csgo
you type the commands in csgo console

the file is just a compiled python script so people do not have to install python and the required libraries.
if you do not want to run the .exe you can download and run the source code with python. the code is not very good

all of the settings are saved in config.json which is created when you first run the script. you can share the config with friends to have the same blacklist/whitelist if you wanted to.

known issues:
- the warden will not be assigned if you were not connected or didn't have the script open when they picked it. this will be fixed in the future by reading sm_logs.
- round end is detected by when logs are automatically printed as this is the best way when only reading console. if you need to check logs and want to keep players muted, you can disable unmute_on_round_end or type a in console after checking logs. this will be fixed in the future with game state integration.
- commands are detected by reading Unknown command: before the command. this means that if you were to have an alias set to one of the commands, it would be impossible to type. this should never really happen but it is possible.

@Shower is currently working on a version of this script with more features and a GUI
if you have any issues with this script please reply below
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Did we ever implement that feature to log warden changes or did you find a way around that? I can't remember