Meet The Leadership - MSWS

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Meet The Leadership - MSWS

In our upcoming iteration of the Meet the Leadership series for this month, we are pleased to introduce MSWS, a notable leader of the Tech Team who plays a significant role in their operations. Throughout this enlightening episode, we aim to delve into the inner workings of MSWS's character, exploring the factors that drive and inspire him in his contributions to the team.

What does his name stand for? When did he learn to code? How does he like his steak cooked? These questions and so much more about MSWS will be answered in our newest Meet the Leadership video.

Did you get Inspired by MSWS's words and think you'd fit right into Tech Team?
Applications can be found here!

Writing/Editing: @dryden, @Lucas15 | Art: @Alcha | Interviewer/Video: @404 Notfound

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are you telling me our resident tech senior manager minecraft super smash bros wii u super mario maker hasn’t eaten a mustoreo??? unforgivable.


The Legendary MSWS himself...
Keep being your genuine self, and when times get rough keep your head up and walk like a king.

Love yah Big Dog <3

Galactic Grass

Oh, Gee!
MSWS has personally provided me with so much help on the CS:GO Jailbreak server! From small bug fixes to major ones. Shout out to MSWS for always willing to lend a helping hand even with the most minuscule things. A true champion that deserves the recognition. Thanks MSWS