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Hello E's, G's and O's! Member Services is looking for new team members!

What is MS?

Member Services is essentially the front line for joining eGO. With 4 sub teams within MS, we assist people with the application process to eGO, and once someone has submitted an application, you process them into the community. After being accepted, we still make sure that all of our new members have everything they need to enjoy and get the most out of eGO.

You'll also notice that Member Services are the ones who answer tickets on Discord, assisting anyone who needs help. While also moderating the Discord and answering any questions a member has!

For more info on our sub teams and how to join them, please follow the links below!

MS Event Coordinators (Can host ANY game so long it supports 4 or more players! OPEN TO eG+ )
Community Outreach (the action arm of MS! OPEN TO E TAGS! )
Member Relations (Making sure no one goes unheard! OPEN TO eGO+ )
MS Trainers (For more info, please reach out to @Karma )

Why join MS?
Opportunity! Help the community with a respectable role as a member of the Member Services team and get noticed for your contribution.

Ready to join? We have a few requirements.
The requirements to join the MS team at large are to be at least a G-ranked member (with the exception being Community Outreach which is e tag+) have a good eye for details, understand the EdgeGamers joining process, have a good understanding of EdgeGamers rules, and be service-minded. One last requirement is that you must have been a G-level admin for at LEAST one month. You will find the application link below, simply submit the form and one of the MS Managers will get back to you!

Application Link

Member Services Leadership

Karma - Admin Training
KumQuat - Member Relations
Lucas15 - Applications & General Management

Senior Managers
Architect of Life - General Management, Programs
TehRaddish - General Management, Engagement

Community Manager
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