ClearRP Event that you wanna see


I made one post

I know there was a thread ages ago for ic event ideas but I thought I'd post a fresh one with what you wanna see and do in the city, even if its been done before. I'm all eyes!

Also, what is the best way that you would like to contact event coordinators for admissions into events? Like email, text, birdy dm?
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Since no one else provided ideas here's a couple I've had but haven't had the time/resources to pursue that deeply. All of these can obviously be changed to fit you or EC's best. Most of these were written as BNG to host, so they'll mostly be Paleto based.

A triathlon (sort of) based race?
-Boat, bike (motorcycle or literal bike either / both), car?
-Grapeseed / Paleto / The Big Lake in sandy forget name
-Prizes negotiable
-Could do teams?
-Food (Pops) / Car meet prior - gives time to explain rules of the race and hangout
-Could do discounted prices for upgrades and fixes and what not
-Entry cost per team?

I don't know how possible this is, but some sort of race with a real pit team would be really interesting.

Additionally, you can look through the forums and look at past events for suggestions.

Moonshine runs while also having the moonshine affect. 5 or 6 location have moonshine, winner has all six items in there car and crosses the finish line.