Greetings once again :)


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Hello Edge Gamers!

Thought I would stop in and say hello and hope everyone is doing well - the memories from this community way back in 2010+ will never leave my mind and I am glad I stumbled across eGO servers when I was way younger, it definitely improved my gaming experience and even real life qualities. For those who don't know me, I use to be a member here years and years ago back when the main divisions were DOD:S, TF2, CS:S as Kek15 and EchO0 all the way up until Abdul transferred pG and going back home. Times have changed everyone has grown up and I love to see it, I will be hopping on TF2 and JB here and there just like the good old days so maybe see some old faces around, been lurking here and there and I definitely recognize many people.

Just dropping a message in, see you around gamers. I have all the upmost respect for the leadership here and the owners who have kept our childhood gaming experience alive as well as all of you, keep on going strong.