CSGO Jailbreak Did JB die?


No one is really in the servers anymore. And there's another server that says they have 40 players but every time I join it's empty what's going on?
Like whnheaven stated above. It’s mostly because it’s school time for a good majority of the playerbase for the servers. The other small reason people aren’t playing is cause CS2 beta is out for a lot of people. It’ll most likely be more active on Friday Nights - Some of Sunday.
It’s because school has started back up, summer is over
the reason why this statement is wrong is because usually the argument in summer is "Everyone is on vacation that's why no one is on".
It's because of CS2 beta.
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I agree with noah we need a global pardon for all wrong doers
I’d still be checkin in on my boys, but I can’t interact with the server from my main account. I never got banned, the server just freezes whenever I try to type or talk. Fingers crossed that Edge Gamers do some server/staff maintenance, otherwise I’ll be waiting for new JB server with CS2 😊
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