should i quit old clan


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im wondering fif i should quit the old clan becasue the leader kinda disrespects me and the members but i have been there for a long time do to help me out here people its a hard desicsion please tell me what u think


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well if the leader is disrespectful then leave... or you can put your old tag at the end of your name


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Well you wont be disrespected here, but if you want to keep your old tag just put it at the end of your name like Death said.

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mmmmm this something you need to look into your heart and decide. There always comes a time when you have to move on. P{art of growing is knowing when you need to do so. All I will will say is how you do it says a lot about you. Drama is bad.


For me, I want to play with good people, who keep you on your toes
What it boils down to is, are you happy with the clan your in now...
Here we work with people... We give everyone a chance.. ( Give you enough rope to hang on )
Respect, is what the eGO clan was founded on... If you give it... you will receive it...
We will welcome you with open arms... Now... the choice is yours...


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1. review how much your old clan is worth to you
2. if you still stay in it just at it to the end of your name (as the R|P's still do
3. Its up to you and only you to decide whats best for your self


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I don't have much to say but hear this: Would you like to be in a clan that you can become an instant admin for free BUT the leader treats you like garbage and says that you can't be in other clans? The choice is yours like what Coldsaw said.


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You are the only one that can decide that. Anyone you ask here, doesn't know anything about the situation and circumstances between you and your clan.