Beginner Surf 24/7 - Two Thumbs Up!


Beginner Surf 24/7 - Two Thumbs Up!

Feeling burnt out from the competitive scene of CS:GO? Slide on over to eGO surf! Raise your legs off the ground, surf those ramps, and strafe your way up the ranks! Featuring dozens of community maps ranging from beginner to advanced, watch, learn, and compete against your fellow surfers on our wide range of maps and tiers.

This server is your new go-to adrenaline haven, filled with exhilarating surf experiences and moments that will have your heart in your throat as you try to beat your personal best.

Gain points towards higher ranks, create a new server record, and enjoy our always-updating server! | BEGINNER SURF 24/7 | 85 TICK | !WS !KNIFE

Writer: @whnheaven | Editor: @Immaculate | Artist: @Alcha | Video Editor: @Ric

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