Frags of the Month - September 2023!

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Frags of the Month - September 2023!

Hello EdgeGamers! We will be continuing the year with this new frags of the months video! Make sure to like the video and submit your own clips by following the guidelines below.

Frags of The Month rely on YOU, the community, to submit clips! We want to see your proudest frags in action.
We will put your frags into a video each month! Around 4-5 clips will be selected and compiled for your entertainment.
These frags can come from any game, just be sure to submit them in the google form below!!

Important: Official thread for submissions; here. It outlines how your clips can/will be used.

Thank you to the video contributors for your submissions.
@Beer Bulbas Bulbas @aln @Scarox93 @Left

Here are the Frags of The Month for September 2023!

Artist: @heidi | Video Editor: @Spock

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ah yes my 10 ks appeared in the clip highlight, sensational


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