Important Announcement New CS Managers [CLICK HERE FOR FREE CS2 EARLY ACCESS]


Coochie Man | Probably faded than a hoe rn
Community Manager

Writing: @Spare @Left @Jacko @blank_dvth @Cascsiany Editing: @Belt @Daddy Succ @SexySteven Artist: @Jayy @Spare Media
Special Consultants: @Semo @Custom Stats @DDZ ZioNeX @Larry_Da_Lobster @Trinity

Counter-Strike is bringing up four dedicated and hard working members to our leadership team who have gone above and beyond the expectations of an eGO.

Please join us in giving a round of applause to @GamingByTheMinute @santa @Ultralight and @Zacc on their promotions to Manager!

GamingByTheMinute will be focusing on TTT, Santa will be assisting Daddy Succ with the AT program, Ultralight will be focusing on Surf, and Zacc will be focusing on Mapping and general support all round.

Below is a picture of the four of them: